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The redevelopment of the Ranolder School poses an intriguing architectural challenge, requiring a delicate balance between modern elements and historical charm. Our design philosophy aims for a fusion of functionality and subtle elegance, crafting an edifice that resonates with the spirit of the 21st century. In our strategic analysis, we prioritized freeing up the central garden, controlling the height of street-facing structures, and preserving the untouched Avar Cemetery. Combining plots, widening Sörház Street, and expanding the building’s footprint allowed for more flexibility. This enabled the addition of a new entrance, a sports hall, and relocating the swimming pool to the opposite side with an integrated underground garage.

keszthely, hungary

ranolder secondary school

Our approach involves intentionally contrasting classical features of the old structure with a modern, minimalist design focused on functionality, simplicity, and geometric shapes. The unified facade language provides clarity, with new buildings featuring stone/ceramic cladding and ‘white’ concrete, while heritage structures showcase exposed brick for a historical touch. The dynamic entrance portal, contrasting with static masses, and copper-roofed programs create a vibrant presence in the local context. Varied roof forms, covered in copper, establish a timeless and cohesive solution. The copper roofing also connects with the contemporary design of new structures.

On the Sörház Street side, a new Kiss and Ride entrance and a spacious foyer enhance accessibility. The minimalist glass facade creates a new atmosphere, symbolizing a connection where past and present-future converge. Expansion within the building envelope envisions roof utilization through the application of innovative ceilings, providing ample natural light for convertible attic classrooms. The addition of a roof extension for the other dormitory utilizes the basement of the side wing for a more extensive dining area. The floating cantilevered mass of the sports hall serves a dual purpose, creating a covered car turnaround and parking below while preserving the untouched green burial site. The monolithic appearance conceals full-height wall supports within the affected walls.

To consolidate the southwest corner for the swimming pool program, a two-story building mass was planned. This freed up space on the ground floor for an elegant car turnaround, garage entrance, and a spacious glass-encased lobby-canteen.

The central courtyard transforms into a landscaped area, commemorating the demolished Sörház wing with a gravel pathway mirroring its original layout. The relocation of the sports field to the new sports hall roof preserves additional green space. For accessibility to the Sörház cellars, a new surface approach was created, elevating the ground mass with exposed concrete walls connecting to the existing structure.The cellar level is accessible via an outdoor staircase, with original walls expose d with windows and doors for natural light and ventilation. The cellar is also reachable from the underground garage without obstacles.

Csaba Babud

Dai Bing, Montarat Kasemsuvan


Ranolder Secondary School & Old Beer Factory Redevelopment

Keszthely, Hungary


Design Competition

YEF Visual